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RE: Retribution Review

So I just watched RE: Retribution yesterday, and I can say that I was a bit disappointed. The story was disappointing, the graphics were great. Some of the acting were awkward and there were some details that the director overlooked.

So we start of with what happened on Arcadia.... Boom explosion, and then she wakes up in a suburban home, then she wakes up in an umbrella facility. Again naked with only 2 piece of paper covering her front and back. (the one in the ending of the first movie) So the main story is her escaping the umbrella facility. THAT'S IT!! They should call the movie "RE: The Escape" instead. The tagline "Evil Goes Global" shouldn't be used in this movie. They didn't even travel around the world to stop the virus.

There were some awkward acting, like Bingbing Li. Her English sounds awkward... like very scripted. I can hear a bit of Russian accent from Leon. And the last part when Leon touches Ada's thigh was just cheesy. Ada originally has a sexy husky voice, but in the movie, I can say that she sounds like Mei Ling in Metal Gear Solid. I only liked the first part when Ada made her first appearance in the movie. There was a scene from RE4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2x5GcOqsGg <<< this one to be particular, instead of Leon, it was Alice.

So there was a final fight between Jill and Alice. Damn, they were a lot of broken bones during the fight, but they all seem to be standing strong and still fighting. Someone with that much broken bones can't move for god sakes. And Alice took a long time to realize what needs to be done to Jill. I mean, come on, she knew she had to take off that spider on Claire's chest the last time she saw it. Why didn't she do it to Jill in the first place? More action scenes maybe, just to use up all the film time.

Final verdict is that, if you're into action movies, I recommend that you watch this in 3d because the 3d was great. The story is not so great. Coming from an RE fan like myself, I can say that the movie was pretty decent. I am still mindfcked by Wesker though... You will know when you see it.